What are we going to talk about in therapy?

Initially, we’re going to talk about what’s going on in your life currently, how you would like your life to be, and how to get there. We’ll also address your personal history and family background.  Therapy can be light-hearted and fun as well as emotionally heavy and difficult. It often has a learning component to it, and you may get homework so that you can practice what you’re learning in-between sessions. 

Are you going to judge me?

For therapy to be effective, it’s important to have trust and openness.  I’m committed to providing a safe, nonjudgmental environment so that you can feel open to freely explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviors and cultivate new insights and perspectives.  My intention is to help you remove blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from being your best self.  

How often will I be coming to therapy?

Typically, it’s most effective to start with weekly appointments to build trust, set goals and create momentum.  Once you’ve reached some stability and traction in your life we can move to every other week or less frequent sessions.  Please feel free to bring up session frequency so that you’re getting what you need.

How long are sessions?

Depending on your insurance, sessions are either 45 minutes or an hour.  The hour-long appointments start wrapping up at 50 minutes so that we can schedule further appointments and process payments.

How long will I be coming to therapy?

This depends.  Sometimes clients have very specific issues that they can resolve in a few sessions.  Other times it can take a few months or a year or longer.  Therapy is a collaborative process.  If you have questions or concerns about the length of therapy, feel free to bring them up in session.