Have you ever had trouble consistently sticking to a diet? Have you lost weight, only to regain it and then some? Do you struggle to maintain your motivation to make healthy food and exercise choices under stress?  Do you overeat when you are tired, stressed or bored?

Many people go to personal trainers and dietitians to lose weight but completely neglect the mindset changes that are required to stick to their plans. They aren't aware of the sabotaging thoughts that lead them to stray from their diets and they don't know how to motivate themselves when they go off track.

The reason why you struggle isn’t that you don’t have willpower or discipline. It’s that you haven’t learned the thinking, behaviors and habits that are required to lose weight and keep it off successfully.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness geared to dieting, I help people to implement the thinking and behavioral strategies required to make permanent changes in their eating patterns. 

Weight management can be one of a number of concerns that that you decide to address in counseling sessions, or it can be the primary focus.

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