Feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your relationship?  Need help setting boundaries with a friend, family member or co-worker?  I help individuals untangle the messiness in relationships by helping them to identify the relationship dynamics and patterns that are hard to see when they are in the middle of them. 

Common relationship issues include:

  • Identifying how people trigger you
  • Practicing alternative ways to respond
  • Setting appropriate boundaries
  • Finding ways to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings

It can be scary to change the way that you act in a relationship, but you won’t be alone.  I’ll be here to provide a safe environment to support you through this process.

Breakups and Divorce Recovery

Additionally, I work with individuals who are thinking about or in the process of breaking up or divorcing. I’ll be there to support you through this really painful and challenging experience, and I’ll help you survive it and get through it on a practical and emotional level.  We’ll focus on self-care and self-compassion, being effective in all areas of your life and finding ways to heal and move on. 

Breakups and divorces are painful and emotionally charged, but it’s possible to get through them and go on to create a life for yourself that is satisfying, enjoyable and even more closely aligned to your values and goals than before.      

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