Concerns and issues I help with include:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Financial issues
• Weight management
• Parenting
• Codependency
• Work/life balance
• Career coaching and direction
• Self-acceptance & self-compassion
• Addictive behaviors
• Trauma
• Shame

Breathing Space is a solo private practice located in downtown Rochester, Minnesota that provides individual counseling geared to adults and older adolescents (16 and older) dealing with mental health concerns, relationship issues and major life transitions.  

I am committed to providing a warm, nonjudgmental environment where you can feel safe to explore and integrate new perspectives and ways of being. My intention is to help you connect with your inner resources and wisdom and offer tools to assist you in living your best possible life.


Individual counseling offers a unique opportunity to renew thinking and perspective, address fears and find creative ways to move towards change. It helps people become more flexible and adaptable to whatever life brings their way, allowing them to focus on what they can change and let go of what is outside of their control.  Counseling can accelerate personal growth and insight, strengthen hope and build resiliency.

Counseling can be as short as just a few sessions or can span over a number of years. It is a collaborative and dynamic process that begins with the clarification of goals you would like to address. I offer a personalized approach that is tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Through a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques, I help people to steadily build resilience.

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